Production sector

Production sector

typical materials

Carbon steels, low alloy steels, high-alloy steels, martensitic stainless steels, stainless steels, duplex stainless steels, super duplex stainless steels, precipitation hardening steels, nickel-based superalloys, titanium, alluminium

energy sector

Implementation of: Compressors Shafts, half rings for turbines, Rings, hydroelectric, thermoelectric, nuclear and wind power components.

Petrochemical industry

Implementation of: Rings, flanges, anchor flanges, tube plate, valve bodies valve, forged bars, blocks, Spouts

Transport sector

Implementation of: Railway, marine, aerospace, lifts, cranes, bridge cranes components such as rudder shafts / propeller shafts, bars, scroll wheels, gears, rotor

Steel industry

Implementation of: Sprockets, cylinders, gears, couplings, sleeves, shafts and axis, spindles, wheels, mount, etc

Mechanical industry

Implementation of: Shafts, Pipes, Gears, Blocks, Holders, cylinders, spindles, sprockets, rods, connecting rods, couplings, wheels, rings.

About us

About us

Forgiatura Melesi srl has its origins back in 1875 when the Melesi great-great grandfather, equipping a small coke furnace, began producing the first forged articles intended for agriculture and construction markets. After the II World War, Giuseppe and Antonio Melesi, changed production to meet new demands of the market, starting to use air hammers and naphtha furnaces. The survey takes place in the 70's and 80's when Giuseppe with his childrens, produces, with natural gas furnaces fueled and hydraulic presses, special forged and shaped design in various types of steels. A few years ago Enrico introduces a WAGNER rolling mill for the production of seamless rings, making the job more quickly, accurately and securely. The story does not end here, continues with the Giuseppe and Enrico’s heirs that with seriousness, commitment and enthusiasm, tenaciously following the footsteps of their ancestors. Today the company has become a functional structure. Ongoing investment, suitable for a progressive improvement in technology, greater flexibility and speed production, leading us to be more alert and ready to understand and execute the customer's needs.



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